Frequently & ocassionally asked questions

The product I purchased got stuck! What do I do?

Bummer! Sorry about that. Please contact us. Someone will get back to you shortly and either issue you a refund or rescue and deliver what you need.

I want The Venderia in my bar, night club, food cart pod, yacht, secret bunker, trampoline pavilion, bedroom. How do I get one?

Contact us. If you've got a high-volume, roofed, approximately 3' x 3' slice of flat land where fun people like enjoy themselves, we can make your vending dreams come true.

The Venderia thinks my inner animal is a whale but I pretty sure it's a flamingo. Wtf?

Even flamingos have whale days.

Why is your packaging so crappy?

Ahem. I believe you mean "scrappy." And thank you for the compliment. Vending is a wasteful industry, but The Venderia does what we can to limit our carbon footprint. One way we do this is by using almost entirely reused and recycled packaging materials. The cardboard in our packaging comes from boxes discarded by the venues that host our machines, lovingly hand-chopped down to size. Sometimes we decorate that cardboard with colorful, weathered concert posters pulled gently off telephone poles. The rubberbands we use are a waste product from a local paintbrush factory. The twist-ties were waste from the my old day job. The brown paper bags we use for our inner animals, misfortune cookies and mystery bags are made from 100% recycled paper. Most of the smaller, thicker plastic bags we use are reused. For instance the pins we buy often come individually packaged in tiny ziploc bags. We package our pins on cardboard but use the bags to package Make a Friends. There is beauty in reuse.

How can I get my art into The Venderia?

We are always looking for new products but our requirements are very specific We do not sell anything perishable, spill-able, sticky, smelly, or bothersome; no glitter, no stickers, no weapons, no noise makers, nothing alive, nothing dead, no confetti, nothing typically found in a vending machine. Our size limit is 5″w x 7″h x 2″d. (That's the MAX. Items 4x4x1 fit great.) Even better are items that fit into slots that are 2.5″w x 6″h x 1″d Items need to be able to drop without breaking. Items must be strange, delightful and fun, easy for you to make and CHEAP. We love cheap. If you make something that fits these requirements, rad! We look forward to meeting you! Email and attach photos of your work.

Por que escribes los nombres de los inner animals en español?

Cuz I can, mi amor.

I saw your vending machines when I was visiting Portland. We need this in my city! Can you install machines in XXX-hometown, please?

Nope. I can't install machines in your city, but I can help YOU or your craftiest pal do it! Contact us. Through our sister company, Vending Magic, we wholesale our creative vending machine products to other machine operators and offer assistance through every step of the process. From convincing venues to host your machine to finding local artists in your area to packaging your own unique products, we're happy to offer advice and share our tips and tricks of the trade. Get in on this and join the party! Creative vending RULES!