The Pedalpalooza Vending Machine Art Hop and Swap Meet is a scavenger hunt bike ride + artist meet and greet.  

The Venderia, Magic Box and Jedediah The Egg Man combine forces to provide 30 vending machines in 28 bars, restaurants, strip clubs and thrift shops across inner Portland.

30 Portland artists takeover our vending machines Sunday, June 23rd.

Artists can vend whatever they please, keep all proceeds from their art sales,   and must create 100 spoke cards to give to riders for FREE.

Bike riders try to collect as many spoke cards as possible before 8pm

At 8pm riders and artists meet at Tonic Lounge for a spoke card swap meet and dance party

The first individual or team to collect a full set of 30 spoke cards wins the grand prize,

a paper maché vending machine filled with 1 piece of art from each participating artist.

All subsequent people who assemble full sets of spoke cards can free-vend mystery bag prizes from The Venderia. 

Everybody parties!

Artist Submission
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